When you are a teen male, you don’t have that much exposure to the female bodies around you. You might want to hook up with a chick but you just haven’t had that chance yet.

So, instead of depressing about it, you can use some other tricks in order to research your enemy.

1. Watch some porn

Yeap, there’s nothing perverted in watching some movies with real sex. Here, you’ll see all the private parts close, so that you don’t have to be scared of them IRL. Make sure you memorize all those new sex positions you see. Take notes about how the guys caress breasts, vaginas, buttholes and other parts of the female body.

2. Buy a masturbator

This contraption looks like a flashlight. Inside, it has a replica of the vagina. You can move it upwards and downwards. In this way, you can both get to know what having sex with a girl means and train your stamina so that you don’t cum very fast.

3. Hook up with a cam girl

If you need to prepare for the first sex, you can actually hook up with a real-life cam girl. Talk to her, play with her. Doing this, you’ll get rid of your shyness fast.